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Indigenous America

discussion on indigenous issues by indigenous people

Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere
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This is an exclusive community for those who self-identify as American Indian, Alaskan Native, First Nations, Aboriginal, Native Hawaiian, Canadian Native and/or as a descendent of the peoples who lived in the western hemisphere before contact with Europeans. Members discuss issues pertinent to our lives- be they social, political, emotional, or whatever. Anything that relates to our lives relates to indigenous peoples.

This is not a community for those not of indigenous descent looking to learn more about our cultures. Please respect our space.

In your first post, tell us a little about yourself- whatever you feel is important to tell about yourself.

This is a community & as such, I don't feel having a moderator is important. I trust us to moderate ourselves and each other when needed. Take your posts into consideration before you submit them. If you want to add something to the interests, post it, I'll add it, unless it's totally unrelated- like aryan nation or something.