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Mon, Mar. 3rd, 2008, 03:28 am
quamono: 4th Yanama Women who Weave Peace

Riohacha ,Guajira, Colombia, Sur America

March 2nd, 2008

A Fraternal greeting from the Wayúu community of Bahía Portete.

Once again I come to tell you we are approaching the fourth anniversary of the massacre of our community. A genocide committed against our people where women and children were killed, this consisting in the largest affront against our culture in all of history, because it harmed the most sacred in our community: the women and children.

This brutal aggression forced all of our families into displacement leaving us no time to look for the disappeared and to mourn as our done in our tradition and custom. This is the reason, with overwhelming pain, but also, with the disposition to continue forward in our search for justice, for the recuperation of our ancestral territory and the defense of our culture.

The Wayúu community of Bahía Portete will host the

"FOURTH YANAMA, WOMEN WHO WEAVE PEACE", Dedicated to all the mothers, daughters, wives and sisters that continue resisting and struggling to keep alive hope, weaving peace day by day in Colombia

Because they snatched away life,

They stole their bodies,

But they can't erase them from our memory.

In Bahía Portete, Alta Guajira – Colombia, during the days of April 15th – 20th, 2008, you are especially invited to attend.

For the Wayúu community it is an honor to have you with us and we are counting on the presence of the national and the international delegates regarding this Commemoration so significant for us as an indigenous community.


Event Organizer

Email: wayuumunsurat@yahoo.com

Telephone: 3002773822-3102388988